The new beer magazine for the European Beer Star, published by Private Brauereien e.V.

Issue #2

The second issue was published on 23 March 2020.


Beer Star News, Cover. A man holding up a trophy. The lettering "European Beer Star" at the top right, below a summary of the contents of the magazine.

Magazine articles, such as the introduction of the partners, participating breweries, beer style or expert portraits can be found under the corresponding links.

The editorial deadline was in February – before the Covid-19 containment measures were adopted.

All information about the participation in the European Beer Star 2020 can be found on the European Beer Star website .

To the current cover letter, which is enclosed with the magazine.

Issue #1

The new magazine was distributed for the first time on 13 November 2019 during the winners night at BrauBeviale.

BEER STAR NEWS has been published twice a year since 2020.

Beer Star News, Cover. Left half of the picture: above the lettering "Beer Star News", below a short summary, at the end the logo. On the right a young lady, drinking beer.

Editorial March 2020

Written in mid-February

Stefan Stang, Roland Demleitner
Private Brauereien

Dear brewers, dear beer lovers,

November 2019 saw the publication of the first issue of the Beer Star News. This brought news about the European Beer Star and the winners to consumers and breweries all over the world.

This issue is one single invitation: Enter your beers in the 2020 European Beer Star competition!

Now’s the time to invite entries: We are using the opportunity afforded by the magazine in your hands, the second issue, to extent the invitation for entries to the 2020 European Beer Star. This is where you find all the information needed to take part in this important beer competition.

Our recommendation: Make use of the special offers – the early booker discount and the special discount for three and more beers entered. More information can be found on page 12 and the following pages.

In any event, the second issue of the Beer Star News will bring you lots of facts about the European Beer Star. Perfect reading when you get the chance to sit down leisurely over a glass of beer that won a European Beer Star.


Editorial November 2019

Stefan Stang, Roland Demleitner
Private Brauereien

Since 2004, the beery highlight of every autumn has been the European Beer Star. Over the years it has matured into the world’s foremost annual beer competition.

Many individual factors play an important role. Much more than you can expect in the “hot” phases in October (expert tasting) and November (consumers favourite, award ceremony and winners night). This fact inspired us to launch our magazine. The BEER STAR NEWS will now provide an insight into the competition twice a year.

Our recommendation: A good sip, preferably of a beer that has received an European Beer Star award, will complete your enjoyment of the following pages.


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