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Bernhard Sitter

Hotel owner and beer sommelier | GER |

Passau-born, this man stands out thanks to his unique style. He sports lederhosen all year round, and wooden shoes in black and white or brown and white mottled cowhide style.

Sitter is an old pro, a long-standing advocate of beer culture. In 2005, he attended the beer sommelier course – the second one ever held, in fact. “It changed my life. And my business, too”. His Bavarian inn became the first beer hotel in all of Germany.

When you visit him at Gut Riedelsbach, the first beer and wellness hotel, you can feel and experience the diversity of beer everywhere. There is even a room equipped with a beer tap and “beer-themed cuddle room”.

Sitter gets attention at all times, he engages in highly proactive public relations. Not just for himself and his business but also for beer diversity in general. After all, he has notched up at least fifty televised beer tastings.

He has graced the European Beer Star jury fifteen times so far. “It’s a great privilege to be on board every year,” he says, and he looks forward to the European Beer Star 2020 in the autumn.