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The linguistic community has agreed to use “Kellerbier” to refer to bottom-fermented varieties, but not to unfiltered wheat beers or ales.

Marketing. For marketing reasons, names of other beer styles are now used interchangeably with Kellerbier.

Kräusenbier. Actually, stands for a beer that is “aufgekräust” (brewed) in the lager tank, fed once again with wort. This again produces alcohol, fermentation carbon dioxide and a rounded aroma during storage of the beer.

Zoigl. The style designation was originally reserved for beers from communal breweries in the Bavarian region Oberpfalz. The lively custom is even part of Bavaria’s cultural heritage.

Zwickl. Or Zwickel can actually be used synonymously with Kellerbier; depending on the region, one word or the other is in common use. There are also stronger filterless beers called “Zwicklbock.”

Kellerbiere at the European Beer Star

2005 Only in the second year of our competition, beers in this style family were judged; Kellerpils, Kellerbier Light and Kellerbier dark. Winkler Bräu Hefe-Pils, did not win gold for the last time.

In 2006, instead of the Kellerbier Light category, there was now the Kellerbier category, it saw the Schlappeseppel as the winner.

In 2007 and 2008, Sperber-Bräu won cellar gold twice: with the Zoigl Dunkel Knorr-von-Rosenrot and with the Zoigl beer, which is a Kellerpils.

In 2010, three categories again: German-Style Kellerbier Dunkel, German-Style Kellerbier Hell and German-Style Kellerpils. The latter was won by Birrificio del Ducato with Via Emilia.

In 2011, Bürgerliches Brauhaus Wiesen won the dark category for the second time. Kellerpils? In Italian hands: gold for Quinn, Birrificio Turbacci, silver for Via Emilia; Del Ducato.

2012 All nine awards went to Germany.

2013 Awards were split between Germany and Italy.

2014 Silver for Baumgartner Zwickl Dunkel.

2015 Schlössle Georgsbier and Festus from Müllerbräu Pfaffenhofen were gold; Camba Bavaria silver-plated in both categories.

2016 Bronze for Batzen Dunkel. Over the years, Bolzano won several awards, including gold.

2017 Faust Kräusen won German-Style Kellerbier Hell, Elch-Bräu won the Dunkel category.

2018 Gold in the Kellerpils category for Bierschmiede Meisterstück from Attersee in Austria.

2019 D.H. Hinselmann, Wittorfer Brewery – see picture above. Ketterer Zwickel-Pils & Raschhofer Zwickl were awarded gold.

Photo: (c) Bierland Franken