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Deborah Wood

Product Developer | CAN

In my childhood I spent plenty of time hanging around with my father in his lab. This ‘’scientific’’ playtime prepared me well for my later career in beer. I studied Art in the USA, Mexico and also Yorkshire, England where most importantly I discovered the world of beer.

My passion for brewing became apparent in 1995 when I became the first Canada wide champion Woman Home Brewer.

My scientific approach mixed with a passion for brewing and sensory evaluation made it easy for me to identify the critical paths necessary to brew high quality beer.

I gave technical conferences, taught Advanced Brewing Courses; created beer designs for a Blog and developed a wide variety of recipes & with photographs& tasting notes for publications. I like to help brewers brew better beer.

Being a judge at the European Beer Star permits me to have a a global insight into what German & European beers styles actually taste like.

Inspired by Aecht Schlenkerla I co–designed the Clair-Obscure a dark smoked lager with Fred Moreau from the Archibald Brewery in Quebec, Canada which won a 2019 Gold Medal at the European Beer Star.

Photo: ©Lehmann