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Distelhäuser Brauerei

GER | A mid-size brewery with 147 employees, owned by the Bauer family since 1876. Timo Herkert, the master brewer, produces more than 20 types of beer. The “Schwabenkorn” spelt beer won him a Gold Award.

27 Awards have gone to the Tauber valley in the Baden-Württemberg region in the course of the years. In 2020, Distelhäuser won three Gold and two Bronze Awards, finishing best German brewery in the European Beer Star and runner-up worldwide. Hats off!

The „Brauhaus“ inn, a supporting member of Slow Food, has fresh Distelhäuser beers and dishes made from regional ingredients from the Tauber-Franken area on the menu.

The event location “Alte Füllerei” is known for cultural activities connected with beer – anything from stand-up comedy to variety and brass bands.

“Bauer’s Brotzeit” – the brewery’s own butchery, , was opened in 2004. Its products stand for guaranteed authentic taste thanks to breed-specific regional husbandry, no genetically modified feed and slow fattening.

The Distelhäuser claim is to brew exquisite beers of extraordinary quality. “We try to live up to this promise of delivering quality every day.”

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Photo: Master Brewer Timo Herkert, Product Manager Robert Schlagbauer, brewer Florian Saggau & CEO Roland Andre (v.l.n.r.).
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