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Graminger Weissbräu

GER | There is a brewery where women reign supreme in the Graming neighborhood of Altötting – three sisters operate the brewery and the inn. Sabine Detter and Birgit Strasser are brewmasters, Iris Detter is a hospitality industry professional. “We enter our beers in the European Beer Star competition because prizes confirm the quality of our work.” Birgit Strasser adds: “There is fierce competition for those awards. Many breweries make good beers. This is why winning a prize in this competition is something special. For me, the Beer Star is the most important distinction, the most significant contest in the brewing industry in Europe. Every Beer Star we won had a positive impact on our sales.”
What the sisters enjoy most: Guests, customers and colleagues being happy for them and proud of Graminger Weissbräu and the prize-winning beers. “A pat on the shoulder goes a long way.”

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