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Kaspar Schulz

Engineered to enjoy since 1677.

Regionality is one of today‘s megatrends, and a very positive one, too. Demand for locally sourced raw materials and products is rising continuously.

An advantage for companies which stayed true to their principles over the centuries, and an incentive for Kaspar Schulz Brauereimaschinenfabrik & Apparatebauanstalt to expand its portfolio. “Engineered to enjoy” – the Kaspar Schulz slogan has been gaining importance lately.

The malt-processing industries, brewers, maltsters, millers, bakers, distillers all come together here.

After intense development work, the SCHULZ Brewers’ Still for whisky production was presented in 2019.

The Bamberg wedding

On 11 January 1677 coppersmith Christian Schulz married his master’s widow and continued to run the workshop under his own name. Many breweries were located in the area around the workshop.

In the 18th century, Tobias Schulz was commissioned to replace the copper roofing on the four towers of Bamberg Cathedral.

The workshop of Andreas from the 5th Schulz generation built what is now the oldest Schulz brewhouse still in operation, located in the open air museum in Bad Windsheim.

In 1879 Kaspar Schulz officially registered his business and specialized in producing brewing kettles and apparatuses.

1968 Günter Schulz-Hess took over, setting new standards by implementing automation in brewing technology; he also started the trend of founding new small and medium-sized breweries around the world.
Johannes Schulz-Hess focuses on research, energy efficiency and sustainability, taking the company to the level of system supplier.

The Schulz product portfolio

In brewing, malting and distilling, SCHULZ plant technology taps into its full potential to make its customers’ ideas materialize at a higher level.

Turnkey medium-sized breweries, fully or partly automated, up to an annual production of 400,000 hl are custom-made according to customers’ wishes in Bamberg. All components are exclusively processed by SCHULZ staff.

The SCHULZ malting system makes it possible to process local grain varieties again, and to produce a broad range of malts with a regional character. Germination and kilning take place in one drum, so no green malt transport is required.

The SCHULZ Brewers‘ Still is the latest addition to the produce range; it was specifically designed for breweries. As the distillery can be integrated into the brewery control system, considerable cost-saving potentials arise for air, glycol, steam and hot water.

Best of SCHULZ is the expectation which the enterprise sets itself and seeks to live up to. To be able to maintain high quality standards and deliver top quality products, SCHULZ continues to bank on its own manufacturing staff in the age of outsourcing.