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Magdalena Müller

Foodtechnologist | GER

After studying food technology in Weihenstephan, Müller went to South America and finally returned to the Technical University in Freising, where she researches sensor technology in Johannes Tippmann’s working group at the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology. Most recently, Müller researched non-alcoholic beers.

„The sensual perception of food has always fascinated me. How do you manage to appeal to the different senses and create a pleasure value? How can the consumer be sensitised to perceive this?“

This has a lot to do with the awareness of each individual in everyday life. “Taste, taste, taste” is Müller’s credo. Although she found her way to brewing via a diversion, she now appreciates the varied subject area. “Because almost everyone has an own approach to beer.”

She particularly appreciates the opportunities afforded to her by the European Beer Star: Thinking outside the box; communication and exchange during the Tasting Sessions. “There are so many different approaches to tasting beers. Each one has its advantages.”

Photo: © Volker Martin

Editor’s correction:

In the print edition of Beer Star News 4/Apr 2021, we referred to Ms. Magdalena Müller as having an academic doctorate. This is an error on the part of the editors. There was no intent to misuse the title on Ms. Müller’s part.