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Norbert Schmidl

Journalist and beer sommelier | GER |

An editor with the Ingolstadt daily Donaukurier, he has been a beer sommelier since 2008 and one of the first three CMOTIOMOBs (Certified Members of the Institute of Masters of Beer) since November 2017.

Schmidl has been a taster for the European Beer Star since 2004, the year when it all began.

For the European Beer Star, Schmidl has been a table captain of many years. 
He is also a taster for the World Beer Cup and the Brazilian Beer Contest, but the European Beer Star is top of his list – thanks to the beers in the competition and the fellow tasters.

Every year, Schmidl looks forward to meeting fellow tasters from all over the world. “It’s the evenings we spend together and not least the Winners Night, when you get an open tasting of so many great brews – no blind tasting for a change.”

A degree in geography helps Schmidl – a graduate of Bayreuth University in economic geography and regional planning – to identify the correct locations of beer styles world-wide: He is always the person to give directions in matters of beer culture.