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Pavel Borowiec

Publicist Pivo Bier & Ale | CZE | Beer was a hobby for Pavel Borowiec for the longest time in his life. In the service of the entertainment industry, he traveled around Europe (director of DVD Group Czech Republic) and enjoyed being able to taste many interesting beers.

Fun turned into serious work, Borowiec realized, “Beer is unique. You can’t duplicate it, like movies or music.” “Pivo Bier & Ale” he founded in 2011; the magazine is still successful today. Later, Borowiec invented – among other things – the Czech and Moravian Brewing Academy and the annual PBA- Forum. He is fascinated by “the most complicated beverage in the world from a production point of view” and seeks “In humility, the three key features: originality, balance and drinkability.” He has been a judge at European Beer Star since 2014. “Every year has been different. Being a member of the tasting team supports my commitment to beer more and more each year.

Photo: (c) Volker Martin