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For over one hundred years, RASTAL in Höhr-Grenzhausen has been developing trend-setting drinking glass concepts for the beverage industry. The new RASTAL Smartprint® printing process is a milestone for the company.

The company, rich in tradition, was founded in 1919 in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rhineland-Pfalz. The brand name RASTAL is made up of the terms “raster” and “crystal”. The first branded Exclusive Glass, developed in the early nineteen-sixties, is groundbreaking in the company’s history.

To this day, the Bitburger Exclusiv Pokal with its unmistakable faceted stem accompanies the Bitburger brand image. Other well-known beer brands followed suit in order to be able to rely not only on the taste but also on a high recognition value in the shape and thus stand out from the competition.

This was followed by classics such as the Warsteiner Tulpe, the LINIE Aquavit glass, the Asbach Schwenker, and the curved Erdinger wheat beer glass.

For the craft beer wave, the pioneer for extraordinary design developments of drinking glasses has already set decisive signs before the big trend wave.

The TEKU POKAL is unmistakable with its unusual shape for beers: the original universal glass with Italian roots. A noble-looking stem, an unusual curve and an outwardly curved, straight rim allow aromas to unfold optimally.

The beautifully shaped and functional Lawrence tumbler is considered a perfect all-rounder. Its tulip-shaped and universal design is suitable for almost all types of beverage.

With digital solution offerings, the specialist for printing and finishing technology once again demonstrates foresight. After long research work, the RASTAL Smartglass® was presented in 2016, a combination of drinking glass and transponder. Thanks to NFC and RFID technology, a new communication stage can be easily integrated into the brand world. Thanks to the pioneering RASTAL Smartprint® printing process, it is possible to integrate an NFC chip permanently and dishwasher-safe into the brand image on drinking vessels.

If the guest at the Ludwig & Adele restaurant in Vienna holds his smartphone up to the smart beer glass with Ottakringer brand logo and integrated transponder, a free beer raffle starts. It works without app installation.

Gamification is still unknown territory in the beverage industry. But those who familiarize themselves with the use of playful elements discover the new opportunities: bonus content, sweepstakes, coupons, … In combination with appropriate application scenarios, a direct and targeted interaction between consumer and industry – or even gastronomy can take place. In real time.