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Tao Rex Sha

Chief Tasting Officer | CHN |

My name is Sha Tao. Sha is the surname and Tao is the first name. My English name is Rex. I was born in Penglai, China in 1985.

I have a bachelor’s degree in public administration from Ocean University of China. I was self-taught about beer and beer tasting skills. I am now working in Steppeo Brewery in China as chief tasting officer.

In 2016, I became one of the first BJCP judges in China. This directly changed my life and brought me into the world of beer. I was invited to participate in the EBS judging this year, but due to the influence of COVID-19, I was unable to make the trip.

Beer saved my life. In 2016-2017, my business was hurt, I was cheated, I almost lost everything, but fortunately, only beer didn’t leave me. I was invited to work at Steppeo Brewery in October 2017. It gave me a decent life again and expectations for the future.

The European Beer Star is my favorite international beer competition. I have been to the NHC in the United States, the World Beer Awards in the UK and the series of the Brussels Beer Challenge, and will be judging at the WBC in 2022. I am looking forward to participating in EBS more deeply, so as to better understand German beer and German tradition.

Photo: Sha Rex Tao