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The European Beer Star Online Shop

Beer Star News spoke to Lukas Niedermayr, member of the jury, organiser and co-founder of, the website through which he also manages the European Beer Star Online Shop.

When was the European Beer Star Online Shop launched?

On 11/11/2020 at the prize-giving ceremony, the winning beers went live and beer fans were able to order them directly from the breweries.

Which part of the project was particularly challenging?

The technical implementation of the pilot project, which happened in a very short period of time, and the act of bringing together more than 25 breweries in one store. Presenting the winners on the platform in an optimum way, and communicating with breweries at short notice. It was very exciting.

Are you happy with the outcome?

Yes. But… We expect much from ourselves, the test run was really good, nevertheless we have clear improvements planned for 2021.
Not bad for a first attempt and the short time available.
Really good, in fact, if you consider that it all had to be launched in difficult Covid-19 circumstances. The shop got a great start.

Can you please explain the shop to us? is not only a shop, it is actually an online marketplace for breweries; all participants run their own branded stores. At the same time, they present their products on the general marketplace, which gives them access to many potential customers.

What is a „branded store”?

Each brewery has its own individual store on the platform, it can use its own corporate design there and manage it completely independently.
A simple webshop can do that, too.
Yes, but the marketplace offers synergies, and the more breweries participate, the more customers can be reached. And you don’t have to worry about development, search engine optimisation or IT problems, the platform takes care of that.

Are the beers transported to you?

No! The customer is in direct contact with the brewery. they do the packing and shipping.

Can I order all the prize-winning beers?

Not yet. We are starting out with Germany and Austria. Unfortunately, there is no freedom of movement for beer within the EU. We hope that we can go to Italy, France and Switzerland soon.

What are your plans for 2021?

We ran a detailed analysis of the project and prepared many optimisations. I don’t want to spill the beans but mixed packs of beers from prize-winning breweries should in any event be offered.

You may make a wish now.

Oh, thank you. In that case, I wish for each brewery entering the European Beer Star competition to write an e-mail to when they register their beers. It makes preparations so much easier and when an award is won, we are way faster.

Thank you for the interview.

You’re welcome.