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Victoria Schubert-Rapp

Brewery Owner Brauerei Karg | GER | A brewer, maltster, beverage business economist and beer sommelier, Viktoria Schubert-Rapp has been running the Karg Brewery with her father for 14 years.

Before deciding on beer, she studied Physical education and English in Augsburg. Internships followed – Auerbräu and Meantime. The many styles of beer brewed there gave her an idea that the variety of beers that can be made from water, malt, hops and yeast is almost infinite.

Schubert-Rapp is a member of the Executive Committee of Private Brauereien Bayern and has been on the jury of the European Beer Star since 2008 almost every year – with only a one-year “baby break”.

Photo: (c) Volker Martin