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Walter Hufnagel

Executive Director BrauBeviale (retired) | GER | In the German trade fair business, it is still true today that you leave quickly – or stay forever. Hufnagel stayed. It was not until 2010 that he retired. 36 years before, the graduate economist had recognized his unique opportunity: In the founding of NürnbergMesse. Hufnagel helped to set more than twenty trade fairs on track. In 1978, the one that is called “BrauBeviale” today.

Until the year 2000, he found wine more interesting than beer. That changed with the European Beer Star. He encountered unknown flavors, new beer styles, unusual names. Hufnagel has been a taster since 2007, sitting next to beer sommelier world champion Karl Schiffner on his first day. Pure education!

Photo: (c) Lehmann